My Research

My research career is awesome; I get to work on a wide variety of projects all over the world. I am a geophysicist, which means I use physics to investigate what is underground without actually having to see the rocks themselves. It’s somewhat like medical imaging. Geophysicists investigate everything from soil properties in the top centimeter of the Earth to the composition of the core of other planets. It is definitely a fun field.

My specialties are in electromagnetic and gravity methods. Recently I have been working mostly with airborne methods–I still find it very cool that we can fly over an area in a helicopter and deduce what’s in the subsurface based on our measurements. Most of my work is identifying and characterizing water resources (as in aquifers and the like) as well as permafrost mapping. My research specifically focuses on the mathematical processes that turn the measured data into models of the Earth, a process generally called inversion.


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