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Shuttle Columbia, 10 years later

One of my first posts on this blog was in recognition of the heroic sacrifices made by the Apollo 1, Challenger, and Columbia crews, as well as a handful of other astronauts who were killed in training missions.  Today marks … Continue reading

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New preliminary glacier mass balance data

Occasionally, I will have a conversation with someone regarding climate change.  This is often with a coworker of my wife’s–she is an engineer, so she and her coworkers are generally quite intelligent people, but have zero background in any of … Continue reading

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Images of a Black Hole (sort of)

Just as a quick aside, I had to share this post by Phil Plait: Bad Astronomy Blog This might be the coolest astronomy photo I’ve ever seen.

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Asteroid belt–Around Vega

NASA and the ESA announced a few days ago the discovery of an asteroid belt around Vega.  I find this exciting, for several reasons, not the least of which is that we can all go outside and find Vega quite … Continue reading

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New life-sustaining planets? Don’t get too excited.

Sorry to be a killjoy, but I dislike misleading article titles, like “Another Earth Just 12 Light-Years Away?” The article, from Science Express yesterday, itself is fine, but just because a planet exists in a star’s habitable zone does not … Continue reading

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The search for extremophiles

Extremophile – n. – A microbe that lives in an environment one thought to be uninhabitable, for example in boiling or freezing water. (Source: In the not-too-distant past, scientists believed that in some respect, all life was powered by … Continue reading

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12.12.12 News

Lots to talk about today, but first I must announce that I am a twit.  That’s right, I made a twitter account.  You can find me on Twitter as @DrAndyKass.  I post tweets and retweets about science news and commentary … Continue reading

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Polymerisation of Hydrogen and Helium

How cool does that sound? It turns out that may just be what’s happening in the middle of White Dwarf stars, based on emission spectra.  Why is that so crazy?  I’m glad you asked.  Well you just can’t make polymer-like … Continue reading

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Venus Transit

Tomorrow (June 5) is the transit of Venus. If you have the capability, find a solar viewer (instructions to build one from our friends at CSIRO can be found here), head out a few hours before sunset (in North America), … Continue reading

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Dragon splashdown

I’m a few days late, but: Welcome home, Dragon!

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