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Research Geophysicist with the US Geological Survey.

Conference abstract self-plagiarism

I had a troubling experience the other day while submitting a paper.  I was flagged for self-plagiarism.  Turns out that according to this journal’s policies, the reuse of figures from a conference abstract in the full publication is not allowed. … Continue reading

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FurloughFermentation – All grain brewing

I got a request to post details of our all-grain setup here. Unfortunately, it’s in another state, but I’m slowly rebuilding it–better. Our system was a recirculating mash system (RMS) with fairly precise temperature control. The temperatures were controlled via … Continue reading

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FurloughFermentation – Days 2-5

Yes, still behind… On day 2, I made a pumpkin beer, while on day 3 I made a Dunkelweizen. The pumpkin beer was a bit of a failure, but I’ll describe my process here anyway. The Dunkel was a store-provided … Continue reading

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FurloughFermentation – Zweiten Marzen

I know, I’m way behind–today is for catch-up. Government shutdown, day 1. A friend of mine and I built a recirculating mash system (RMS) for all-grain brewing. 10-12 gallon batches, wonderful results. Being geeks, the temperatures were all computer controlled. … Continue reading

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Furlough Fermentation

Those reading likely are aware that I am a research scientist with the US Geological Survey. That is, until Congress shut down the government; now I am furloughed along with 800,000 other Federal Employees. I am literally forbidden from working, … Continue reading

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Shuttle Columbia, 10 years later

One of my first posts on this blog was in recognition of the heroic sacrifices made by the Apollo 1, Challenger, and Columbia crews, as well as a handful of other astronauts who were killed in training missions.  Today marks … Continue reading

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Information storage on DNA

In a Nature Letter (and I’m sorry if that’s behind a paywall–I can’t tell from here), researchers at the European Bioinformatics Institute and Agilent Technologies introduced a method of encoding information onto DNA.  The concept is not terribly new, but I … Continue reading

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New preliminary glacier mass balance data

Occasionally, I will have a conversation with someone regarding climate change.  This is often with a coworker of my wife’s–she is an engineer, so she and her coworkers are generally quite intelligent people, but have zero background in any of … Continue reading

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Images of a Black Hole (sort of)

Just as a quick aside, I had to share this post by Phil Plait: Bad Astronomy Blog This might be the coolest astronomy photo I’ve ever seen.

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Asteroid belt–Around Vega

NASA and the ESA announced a few days ago the discovery of an asteroid belt around Vega.  I find this exciting, for several reasons, not the least of which is that we can all go outside and find Vega quite … Continue reading

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