FurloughFermentation – Days 2-5

Yes, still behind…

On day 2, I made a pumpkin beer, while on day 3 I made a Dunkelweizen. The pumpkin beer was a bit of a failure, but I’ll describe my process here anyway. The Dunkel was a store-provided partial-mash recipe (fairly uninteresting) so I won’t post it here. Day 4 would have been an off-Friday anyway, which is good because I spent the weekend in Estes Park at a wedding. Which means that on Monday, I still didn’t even want to THINK about beer. As an aside, it’s quite sobering to see the destruction in and around Estes Park from the floods.

For the pumpkin beer, I took a mild Amber recipe, kicked the hops down a notch (basically didn’t use the finishing hops), and then added a whole pumpkin + spice + brown sugar + lactose (for non-fermentable sugar) puree into the end of the boil, just to sterilize it. It smells good, and the fermentation practically exploded, but the OG was pretty low and I’m afraid filtering might be necessary. I don’t think cold-crashing secondary will do the trick. But we’ll see.

Still no end to the shutdown in sight…


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