FurloughFermentation – Zweiten Marzen

I know, I’m way behind–today is for catch-up. Government shutdown, day 1.

A friend of mine and I built a recirculating mash system (RMS) for all-grain brewing. 10-12 gallon batches, wonderful results. Being geeks, the temperatures were all computer controlled. Unfortunately, he moved to Salt Lake City, and took the system (dubbed ‘valvezilla’) with him. I’m currently rebuilding the system, with hopefully actuated valves so the entire operation can be computer controlled.

Anyway, this means that I have to go back to partial-mashes. It’s been a long time, so we’ll see how my recipes turn out. Anyway, here’s my day one recipe–a Marzen, along with batch notes. The temperatures are idealized, and I definitely was not able to nail the temps on the stovetop.

This is a darker color but still fairly light-bodied American Marzen style.

Zweiten Marzen – partial mash
3 lbs Munich 5L
1.5 lbs Vienna
0.5 lbs Light Crystal
3 lbs Golden Light DME

2 oz Tettnanger
2 oz Hallertauer

Bavarian Lager Yeast

I did a ‘stepped’ (again, stovetop so take with a grain of salt) mash, shooting for 152F for 30 min and 160 for 30 min. Bring to boil, add DME, etc etc. The intent was to put 1 oz of each hops in for 60 min, then the rest in at 15 min, but due to logistics with my hop bags, T was bittering and H was ‘aroma’. Cooled, pitched lager yeast, let fermentation start (a few hours), then into the fridge for 3 weeks of lagering before racking into secondary, and probably giving it another 3 weeks.

A Marzen (Ersten Marzen) was the first beer I ever brewed, and ranks among my favorite styles (both German and American styles). I will say that my palette enjoys a maltier Marzen than is typical (e.g. a Sam Adams Octoberfest), but they’re all delicious.



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