Furlough Fermentation

Those reading likely are aware that I am a research scientist with the US Geological Survey. That is, until Congress shut down the government; now I am furloughed along with 800,000 other Federal Employees. I am literally forbidden from working, even on a volunteer basis.

I’ve had several friends say something to the effect of ‘I wish I got a vacation.’ Well this isn’t a vacation. This is unpaid leave. What’s worse is that Congress has made a statement, and their statement boils down to: ‘our bickering is more important than the work you do for the people.’ I take great offense to this. I, and every other scientist I work with, take great pride in what we do. And right now that doesn’t feel very appreciated.

Like my Dad used to say, when life gives you lemons, make beer. Well it wasn’t exactly like that but close enough. I am therefore brewing beer every day I am furloughed. For those interested I will document my brews here.

Thanks to the guys at Stomp them Grapes in Denver (http://www.stillstompn.com/) for the idea.


About faradaysheadache

Research Geophysicist with the US Geological Survey.
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