12.12.12 News

Lots to talk about today, but first I must announce that I am a twit.  That’s right, I made a twitter account.  You can find me on Twitter as @DrAndyKass.  I post tweets and retweets about science news and commentary by scientists.

Second, tomorrow (Thursday, Dec 13) and Friday look to the skies for the Geminid meteor shower.  The new moon is on the 13th so that will improve visibility dramatically.  The shower peaks an hour or two after midnight.  Watching tips can be found here.

Third, get out there today with your camera.  One Day On Earth is collecting user-submitted videos from this day to capture a snapshot of our civilisation.  (I had prepared today’s blog to be about it, but it turned into a meandering, esoteric diatribe and I scrubbed the whole thing.)  Capture some science for posterity’s sake, so we’re not 100% full of videos of teenage girls professing Beiber love.

Fourth, Obamadon?  Really?

Finally, on a more sober note, N. Korea has a successful space launch platform.  They don’t have a viable weapon or delivery system yet, but it’s only a matter of time.  So to make you feel better, here is Kim Jong Un looking at things.

Keep your stick on the ice.


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Research Geophysicist with the US Geological Survey.
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