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The Voyager Mission

The last few posts have been serious and full of opinion.  Time for some fun facts. In 1977, two spacecraft launched to explore the outer planets of the Solar System.  Since then, they have toured the Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus … Continue reading

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Public research should be public?

As of the writing of this blog, nearly 20,000 people have signed a petition for the government to require papers derivative from publicly-funded research be provided openly and free of charge (the White House will be legally obligated to respond if … Continue reading

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Bionic snail?

Interesting summary: Full article: The basic idea of the snippet is that they turned a snail into a generator of electricity. It’s only a few microwatts at 0.53 volts, but that isn’t insignificant. At first I thought “what … Continue reading

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Heroic Sacrifice

In honor of memorial day, this post is dedicated to the astronauts of the Challenger, Columbia, and Apollo 1 disasters. In addition, astronauts Theodore Freeman, Elliot See, Charles Bassett, and C.C. Williams all died in T-38 crashes.  C.C. Williams is … Continue reading

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The Value of Conferences

Every few years, the value of scientific conferences comes under debate. Several years ago, the Colorado School of Mines started to require justification for attendance–essentially you needed to be presenting something to warrant your travel.  Recently, the Federal government has … Continue reading

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A new era in spaceflight

Not to be overly dramatic, but we certainly have entered a new era in spaceflight.  For those of you who haven’t heard, the Dragon X spacecraft has become the first commercially-developed and owned spacecraft to dock with the International Space … Continue reading

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